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How to Survive the Holidays

Once December starts, your Google search history looks like this:

“How to eat your weight in food without gaining a single pound”

“Alcohol least amount of calories”

“How to survive holiday parties without getting fat”

“So bloated can’t walk”

The holiday season is every weight-watcher’s nightmare with its food-filled festivities and boozy affairs, which almost nobody can say no to. So we end up dashing from party to party, dealing with bloating half the night because we are only human, we’re weak against that perfectly grilled steak with mashed potatoes smothered in gravy paired with a slice of decadent chocolate cake – and ice cream. Then you end up feeling so bloated you actually feel bad you ate all that food. So you consider ditching all the holiday parties altogether and hibernating until all the food has been eaten – by everyone else. All because you don’t want to deal with bloating and having to struggle fitting into that little glittery number reserved for New Year’s. Good news is though that it doesn’t always have to be this way, only if you keep in mind a few things to avoid bloating. You can still enjoy the parties without feeling like an overblown balloon so long as you know how to eat through the holidays smartly.

A little bit of everything – Eat small portions. Sure, you want to try all the new dishes your titas have come up with but keep things in moderation so you don’t get stuffed right away at just dish #3! You want to pace yourself because there’s more where that came from. So, so much more.

Don’t forget your fruits and vegetables – a fourth of your plate should be leafy vegetables and fresh fruits. Consuming fiber helps keep your digestive tract healthy and moving – the surest way to beat that bloated feeling. While I’m not stopping you from enjoying that pudding to top off your amazing five course meal, it’s still smart to opt for fruits as desserts from time to time to keep your gut happy and ultimately making you happy as well.

Strike a balance – Another reason for bloating is because of salt retaining too much water in your cells. Let me put on my laboratory goggles for this. Ehem: Most of the food we consume are high in salt (Sodium), which is why they are very tasty. Too much sodium in the body attracts and keeps water within the cells and causes bloating everywhere. However our bodies are equipped with check and balance mechanisms to counter situations where the equilibrium in the cells are shifted. Another element, Potassium, is needed to try and balance out the amount of Sodium in the body to avoid retaining too much water in the cells. A good source of Potassium is Coconut water, and drinking up on this natural hydrator not only gives your body the water it needs, but also corrects the Sodium-Potassium imbalance, which helps overcome bloating. Whew. That was a mouthful.

(Do) Sweat the small stuff – Another sure fire way to combat bloating is to work out! We all know working out burns calories but it also does two other very important things: It aids overall digestion by regulating the movement of your intestines (eww). And most importantly, it brings on those much-needed endorphins to beat the Holiday stress! Dealing with the Christmas traffic on top of racking your brain for what gifts to give your boss, your mom, and your boyfriend is enough to drive anyone mad so do yourself a favor and lace up your trainers.

These are tried-and-tested ways to keep your mind and body happy during the Holidays, so go ahead, enjoy, take your champagne glass and make your way to the dessert table.

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