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Create Healthy Habits - Not Restrictions

Ever wonder why each time you follow a new diet fad on your news feed and vow to have a lifestyle overhaul in three days’ time, you end up with two pounds of chia seeds, a juicer collecting dust in your cupboard, and a barely-used gym membership? It’s probably because there was not enough time to actually break old habits and form better ones. There’s nothing wrong with wanting immediate change. But we have to understand that slow and steady wins the race. It took us a while to develop that habit of mindlessly munching on that bag of chips every afternoon – it will take us some time to switch to less evil options.

Behavioral changes take time, which emphasizes the need for us to follow something gradual and sure, instead of something quick and drastic. There are so many different diets that claim weight loss and even better performance. Our social media feeds are overflowing with all these food rules about how we should avoid this, eat more of that, stock up on this, ditch that. While all these diets aim to help us achieve better health, the truth is, there is not a single diet that can claim to be the best. It all boils down to consuming well-balanced meals and leading a healthy lifestyle.

It is always better to create healthy habits and not restrictions. This way, you won’t feel deprived and tortured. We all have this misconception about healthy eating that it’s no fun – that we can’t have sugar, or we can’t have (gasp) cheese. This isn’t exactly the case. We can have all these, but in moderation. That is what it means to create healthy habits instead of imposing harsh rules on our diets. Allowing ourselves a little bit of everything is the key to successfully switching to a healthier lifestyle. The goal here is to change our perception of healthy eating and see that choosing better options for what we eat can be an enjoyable and exciting experience. Taking the time to create healthy habits will lead to better results. The changes in weight (may they be weight loss or weight gain) brought about by making gradual improvements on our diets are more sustainable because it is backed up by behavioral change. The new, healthy way of eating is kept even when the target weight has already been reached.

Rome was not built in a day. Changing one’s way of eating can be very challenging, no matter the state of health. But as with any behavioral change, deciding on making the change is already half the battle. Focusing on the little day to day changes and habit-forming changes will be what determines the successful transition into a healthier lifestyle. Ease into the good habits and try to learn as much as you can about the concepts behind the improvements to help you understand why these changes need to be made. Knowing the reasons behind our actions will help us stick to the self-improvement plan we have. Enjoy the journey!

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