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Food Chemistry

Herbs and spices aren't just flavor purveyors, they actually contain a lot of very potent compounds that affect mood and overall wellness - so those OG shamans and apothecaries weren't all mystics, they had a deep understanding of chemistry! While things have progressed (and continue to progress) since the dark ages (we now know that a patient is having a seizure, not possessed by an ugly demon), a huge chunk of their notes on chemistry still holds true. The difference is that now, with tremendous technological advancements, we have the ability to actually test, and organize that body of knowledge to know how to use them correctly. We've gone from blindly following traditional uses to actually breaking down how these substances interact with other compounds, and with the human body. Sure, milk is a good first-aid for burns, but using it as anti-acidity relief like they did in the 20s? I dont think so. These days, we know that the high fat content of milk relaxes the lower esophageal sphincter to aggravate acid reflux. We're all living our best lives because today's world is being propelled by a marriage of old and new concepts. While we face stressors that can sometimes be too much for humans, and deal with new diseases that are brought about by this lazy and instant lifestyle, we are also here still because of advancements in technology and medicine. The human body cannot survive in this ever-changing environment depending on traditional nor modern medicine alone. It's about maintaining an intrinsic balance in mind and body, and tapping on conventional medicine to supplement what has gone awry. Medical solutions shouldn't be used as an excuse to be reckless with health, as its ability to repair damage done to the body can only go a certain extent.

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