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Friday Introductions

Hey everyone! I'm Bianca, head of nutrition here at Sakro. I am a registered nutritionist specializing in gut health, weight management, and eating behaviors. I sometimes write articles for online publications and produce events with a little bit of a health angle. That's because I believe that health and wellness should be part of our socials - you don't need to shy away from parties and meetings just because you're trying to stay fit! Like you, my journey to wellness wasn't easy. As a college student, I struggled with stress eating while trying to learn how all these convenience foods are going to interfere with healthy nutrient assimilation in the body. Imagine that. So I get it. I understand how eating better is easier said than done, especially when the deadlines start looming in, and the work just keeps piling up. Through years of nearly losing my mind trying out dozens of wellness trends to see what REALLY works, I came to realize that it really is just the one that is most accessible and feasible for you - the one you can seamlessly include in your routine. Imagine this: you would love to get into yoga, because of all the amazing benefits it has on stress management, and all those awesome poses you'd be able to do! But the nearest yoga studio is t

hirty minutes away, on a good, traffic-free day. Or you're considering going 100% vegan to try and lessen your carbon footprint, which is super cool of you to do, but you're living with elderly family members who would still like to include meat in their meals. All of these attempts at being healthier are well and good, but the challenge lies in sustainability. If in the long run you won't be able to keep up with this new lifestyle, you'll only end up frustrated and defeated - setting you way back from where you started. This is why it's better to create what we like to call a Self-care Sanctuary, where we set you up for success in reaching your wellness targets. We assess your current lifestyle and what's available to you, to curate for you an eating and movement program that takes into consideration what you usually eat, your cravings, and any behavioral difficulties that get in the way of healthy habits. You won't have to worry about your cravings not being satisfied - because we'll crush your cravings via blood sugar balancing and gut flora maintenance. At the end of each program, you'll have your own wellness ritual so sacrosanct that nobody, not even stress, can interfere with it. If you're ready to let your best self take over, get in touch and we'll get you started right away!

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