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Updated: Jan 6, 2020

It's two in the afternoon, you're three coffees deep, and a submission that was due four hours ago but that donut you saw on your coffee run keeps appearing to you - like a mirage in the desert of BS surrounding you. You're crashing so hard, just dying for that second wind of energy or a million bucks - anything to feel better and you're like damn i need a nap?? This madness has got to stop.

Blame it on your blood sugar fluctuations and insulin spikes. Each time we eat, our blood sugar rises and how high it shoots up depends on how much of it was carbs. This directly affects our energy levels and unsurprisingly, our mood. Today when it's so important be able to cope with stress to do our jobs better (and still have time for drinks later), it's becoming more and more important to pay closer attention to how and what we eat, particularly timing and quality.

Here at Sakro, we get you ready to handle stress not only through proper nourishment (you scrutinize the potency of each ingredient listed on your moisturizer, I'm sure you understand how important it is too to be very particular about what you put inside your body), but also through mindfulness techniques that allow you to influence how you respond to stress. And we haven't even started on how adaptogens are so helpful in these situations! There's so much we would love to tell you. Get in touch to know more!

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